Hana Hou Alliance

A center for recovery and empowerment

Hana Hou Alliance (HHA) helps people with a co-occuring substance use disorder, mental health diagnosis, and intellectual disability recover from addiction. Placed at Hana Hou through a court order, residents benefit from its 24-hour supervised environment and a recovery program tailored to their specific needs.

The center offers stability and structure while also empowering residents to understand their preferences, make stress-free choices, and develop the skills necessary to live independently. After being sober for a minimum of 12 to 18 months, Hana Hou residents return home, ideally with support from an AA/NA group and sponsor in their community.


Hana Hou Alliance Services

The HHA residential program develops an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for each resident that encompasses a range of services.

Home Environment

HHA provides residents with a stable, structured, and comfortable home environment.

Physical Integration

With court approval, residents participate in normal activities in the community.


Residents experience the same patterns and norms of mainstream society to prepare them for independent living.


When possible, residents’ preferences, emotional needs, and personality inform their environment, meals, activities, and instructional materials.

Independent Living Skills

Residents practice everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, money management, and emotional regulation.

Vocational Development

By attending a PCS day program, residents discover a vocational interest and develop employable skills.


Residents receive access to transportation when needed.

Access to Community Resources

With court approval, residents attend medical appointments, dental appointments, and appropriate cultural activities in the community.  

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El Dorado

El Dorado

Our El Dorado site in Central Stockton at the corner of North El Dorado and Churchill Ave. has many nearby resources, and is easily accessible by public transportation. This single story building has parking at the main entrance in the back, multiple classrooms, and is licensed for up to 135 students.
March Lane

March Lane

March Lane is located in Stockton, California on the corner of March Lane and Georgetown Place, and is accessible by a ramp on the Georgetown Place side. It has many classrooms, offices, and nearby resources, and is easily accessible by public transportation. The campus is licensed for up to 255 students.


This campus is located in the northeast section of the historic city of Lodi. Accessed by Highway 99, this new site has nearby resources including food and public transportation. It is located in Suite F, among several businesses in the southeast corner, with a parking lot in front via Cherokee Ave. or Turner Rd.
Supported Living Services Office

Supported Living Services Office

SLS is the corner office (A-4) in a group of suites on the corner of Robinhood Drive and Stratford Circle, with an inside entrance door on the Stratford Circle side. The site has offices for staff, is accessible by public transportation, and has parking in a lot behind the office building and on the street.