The Advocates

The Advocates are a singing and performing group that entertains crowds at events all over California.

the advocates

Their mission is to spread empowerment to all men and women with disabilities to believe that they can achieve their dreams with the right supports.

This advocacy is done through song and dance. The Advocates rehearse 2 days a week with a supportive team that coaches and assists them with their showmanship and professionalism. But when it is showtime, the Advocates take the stage and perform on their own, without the supportive team.

The Advocates take great pride in letting everyone know that they donate the proceeds from their Christmas Performance to a charity of their choice as their way of giving back to the community. The Advocates strongly believe that it is important to do these acts of goodwill to remember to have gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to be given a platform to showcase their talent and advocate for their fellow peers who are “People First” and contributing members of society.

Interested in a Performance?

If you are interested in booking the Advocates or in becoming an Advocate, or hiring the DJ’s, please contact Person Centered Services today.

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